Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Indian Springs #2 Calvin

I think this is something like Calvins 3rd shot on the longest hole I have ever played.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Indian Springs #16 Calvin

Indian Springs #16

This is the hole that did me in and I took a double bogey to drop out of hte lead. That damn hill right at the goal was cruel.

Indian Springs - Trafalger

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Winter Setting

In a couple of months this frozen snow covered lake will be gulping down plastic on a daily basis. At the time we played it was frozen solid about half of the rounds. Not much traffic during these days, but it was a great time to get out and play. A four season game for sure although I'm now looking forward to shorts weather. Bring back the sun please.

Hurst Drive Hole 9

Judging by the lean, perhaps the disc is not going where Steve wants. But then again this may be part of his occasionally unusual follow through that some of the players have dubbed "The Joe Cocker".

Fels on the Lake

Be thick ice, please be thick!!

Walker Putt

I can't recall, but I'm sure it missed.

Walker Drive

Labo Putt #2

Labo Putt

Breiner Drive Hole 4

Breiner putt on 3

Fels Drive

Labo Drive

It's difficult to see the disc, but if you really look for it you can find it. It's a speck in the trees, green disc I think.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last Day, Last Hole

We were in for a little treat the last day of our little league. The next day there was to be a disc golf tournament here at Dillon. And right before we started our normal venture across the course someone was shoveling the snow from each tee. This made it quite nice because we had recently received a butt load of snow. So each tee we went to was perfectly shoveled giving us a nice clean area to wind up,.... until the last hole, number 18. Apparently on 17 the unknown shoveler had broken his shovel. So, going into 18... a hole that mattered, this is how we found it.

Breiner Birdie Attempt

Not many people will know this but Briener could very well have placed second. At least two different weeks he was put in situations where if he were to miss a putt or two it could have been to his benefit. But instead, in the spirit of competition, he made those putts which made it impossible for him to get second. It seems a bit ironic if not paradoxical, but Briener actually lost for winning. Life just isn't fair sometimes. I hope that Jeff thanked him, .... twice.

Fels - Birdie Hole 9

I think this birdie putt resulted from a skip off the frozen lake. I was his partner that day and he made this putt. Nice!

The Red Cobra

It wasn't quite the age of the Pluto Platter, but my beloved red Cobra is circa 1992 I believe, maybe even older. I seldom used it except for those shots where I needed some hard right on it. And as this disc sailed up near the line of tree trunks on hole 8 I think we all wondered if it would clear the trees. It didn't. It blasted a tree trunk head on and SPLIT IN HALF!! I remember looking back with the image of a shattering disc fresh in mind asking if that really happened. Then laughter ensued. It was almost perfect split, but I played from where the larger half landed. A moment of silence please for the long life of that Cobra.

Mike Miller

I can only say a few things about Mike. He started out as every right handed thrower does trying to wing a golf disc, all to the left. But as the weeks progressed he figured out how to angle the disc to use all of it's S-flight pattern. And when it was said and done he won the last two weeks. Quite an improvement... look out spring league!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Frozen Lake Disc Retriever

Inventor Chris Bishop
Saved at least half a dozen discs. Perhaps a market for this??
If you look close you'll also catch a glimpse of Baki's designer disc golf bag.

Bigfoot plays Disc Golf??

Nahh, it's just Fels. .. in the woods, .... again.

Mr Kubacki

I only wish I had more pictures of Baki. He is simply classic and the ones that know him would probably agree. He is a walking caricature, ... of himself. Great guy, wish he could have been in on more of the fun. But if this picture is any indication of his level of play (and it was) well, .... .... maybe next year is his year.

And as he was sloshing down this creek I swear I heard him muttering, "THIS??? This is out of bounds??!!??"

The Guys

Each week for about three months we got together to play disc golf at Dillon Park. We mourned the loss of plastic in the lake and cheered spinning discs to make their way to land when the lake became frozen. Even a few well placed (or poorly thrown) skips were able to escape the icy out-of-bounds. A great time was had by all, .... I think.